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Josema Cutillas

1+1 / housing extension

VAUMM arquitectura y urbanismo as Architects

This project deals with an existing context predetermined by the value of its architecture. It´s a Villa classified as “neo-Basque regionalism” architectural heritage built in 1927 by architect Urbano de Manchobas. Under these circumstances, we should solve the expansion of the existing building with a new volume, but keeping intact the original closing facade. It requires proposing a new element in the ongoing process that has been generated this environment. There is no blank paper. Citing Oteiza, those who progress creating something new, they do it as a rower, moving forward but rowing looking back, looking back at the past, towards what exists, for being able to reinvent their keys.

Material Used :

1. MALPESA – Facade cladding – Extruded Klinker brick- Azabache colour

2. ALUMIAL - Aluminum windows - rotura CLASSIC 52 profile.

3. PASSERINI - Aluminum windows ironwork

Project team
Product Specifications
AlumialAluminum windows - rotura CLASSIC 52 profile
MalpesaFacade cladding – Extruded Klinker brick- Azabache colour
Zerrenner Foundation School Unit
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Zerrenner Foundation School Unit

Sete Lagoas, Brazil - Build completed in 2016
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