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a/LTA architectes - urbanistes as Architects

We work on a firmly contemporary, contextual and reactive architecture. Each of our architectural answers are heading towards an originality specific to the project, complying with the program. and the project’s surroundings On every proposal, we specifically work on the context. We are particulary interested in closed, distant, historical and sociological background of the project. These datas «are nourishing» architecture. As the contexts in which we evolve are rarely homogeneous, our writing tends to be hybrid. The analysis has to highlight the specificities of the place, to draw from its urban, sociological and climatic background to offer a specific answer to the question asked. We are keeping in mind the human-being value as governing principle of our thought.

SITE The installation site and more widely the Promenade de Warenne in the district of Manchester (urban refurbishment) in Charleville-Mézières, has exceptional qualities and very good views on very far landscape. The presence of luxuriant vegetation , the soft topography from North to South are typical of a site with particular specificities that it is better to respect, to emphasize through the architecture, the volumetry. Instinctively, we thought of centring views, of offering favorable orientations. From the outside, houses in strips are playing with the transparency, the porosities on the landscape. The vegetalized roofs are deleting the limit between constructed masses and distant surroudings.

The design of the project is based on a first intention: to offer a layout which is in harmony with the particularities of the territory. We shall work on a “landscape project” in continuity with the urban intentions of the sector ANRU (developed by the City of Charleville-Mézières and the urban planner François Daune). While respecting and integrating the intimacy of inhabitants, the project aims to offer a balance between the residents. It is pleasant and inviting and is generating meetings. The use of high-quality materials promotes the “ well-being together “. Our answer to the program means creation of collective practices and social link while respecting people’s autonomy.

PROJECT / INTENTIONS Our fi rst inten

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Kings Crescent Estate Phases 3&4
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Kings Crescent Estate Phases 3&4

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