23 dwellings

23 dwellings

Lacaton & Vassal
Trignac, France
Project Year
Lacaton & Vassal

23 dwellings

Lacaton & Vassal as Architects

The project consists of 23 homes in rental housing, divided into two buildings. Our goal is to produce quality housing, which are at equal cost, substantially larger than from normal housing standards. As a first step, implementing a structure and a simple and cost effective envelope to define, on the principle of the loft, a surface and a volume maximum, free, with qualities of space and complementary and contrasting moods.

The two buildings are designed according to the same principle:

-a structure post & beam in concrete on a level for one of the buildings and two levels to the other building -horticultural greenhouses, laid down on the platforms thus formed, 3 m and 6 m, which cover the entire surface with a light and transparent envelope, and form the top floor of each building.

The structure is in galvanized steel, the walls transparent polycarbonate or in natural aluminium.

A part of the greenhouse is occupied by a volume insulated and heated. The other party is a winter largely ventilated facade and roof garden. Horizontal shading takes place inside the greenhouse.

The principle of the greenhouse, with its automatic climate management, helps develop bioclimatic comfort solutions and get the performance objectives of reduction of energy consumption.

In a second step, created volumes are shared in the first building in 13 housing through in the first building and 10 housing dual-orientation in the second. The accommodations are mostly duplexes and enjoy all the different qualities offered by the diversity of spaces.

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