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Vienna, Austria
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Private Houses
Bernhard Fiedler

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JOSEP as Architects

That’s how long it`ll take the Austrian “factory” Forest, to grow the timber for our family home in Vienna. During this growing process, the by-product oxygen is created which will be sufficient for one person to breathe in for about one hundred years.


This sustainable process - our future strongly needs – shown by this example, couldn’t be depicted better.Low-tech was the leitmotif designing the building.


This means deliberately waiving expensive and complicated technology, using simple principles of operation (functionality, usability, production and maintenance)


Flexible floor plans, clear sight-axis, views, low-maintenance-facade and the possibility for the client to “do it yourself” are just a few examples for these design principles and keeping the construction- and life-cycle-costs low. The Use of ecological resources, especially in the field of insulation keeps the embodied energy of the building to a minimum.


The house itself sits on a ground-wall – holding back the pushing terrain and opening into the house - similar to a ledge, suitable for the owners, who belong to Austrians best climbers.


Material Used:

1. Construction - Sprucewood + Celluloseinsulation

2. Basement - Concrete

3. Wallsinside - Sprucewood (Pigmentedwhite)

4. Fassade - Larchwood

5. Windows - Larchwood

6. Flooring - Ash Tree

7. Furniture - Ash Tree

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SuppliersB-BROS Brandlhofer GmbH
SuppliersFenster Tischlerei Svoboda
SuppliersKreiseder Holzbau
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