Addition and Modernisation Camping Ogna

Addition and Modernisation Camping Ogna

Iso Huonder Architektur
Trun, Switzerland | View Map
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Ralph Feiner

Addition and Modernisation Camping Ogna

Iso Huonder Architektur as Architects

The poetic architecture of Iso Huonder is very much based on a clear vision of the potential of a specific site. He refers as much to the history of a place as to the atmosphere and possible references: a careful analysis. Very important is that the architecture is not just a designed form but also that it is the constructed material. The materials he uses are authentic and have something to do with the construction oft he building. But how he assembles the building materials goes with imagination of a possible vision for a place.

Huonder creates spaces of encounter where people can meet and interact. He reacts with his buildings to the landscape and defines the space.

Huonder’s project for the camping in Trun consists oft two volumes in wood: a main building with reception and restaurant and a bathhouse „Prau Lung“. The main building is situated at the highest point "Prau America". It creates with the strong silhouette the visual focus and the balance point. Like the traditional local wooden buildings the restaurant is situated at the first forest glade. The restaurant building is situated on the northern side oft he spot with with the pond in its back. A roof as a symbol of shelter and accommodation forms the centre, the building opens itself to southwest where the evening sun is. Here the main entrance with the restaurant is situated.

The bathhouse "Prau Lung" contains an ensemble of four volumes with a roof for washing, showers and cleaning. A courtyard typology of four volumes organised as a windmill where people can enter from all sides. A main entrance is on the west and formulates at the western side. The inner space is the intimate courtyard space. People can meet in the centre and meet at the coffee machine. In the winter the volumes are closed.

An important design ambition was to help the local economy to grow. So all material and work force are local and locally produced. Even in the use oft he building it is the aim that the camping contributes to and strengthens the local economy oft he village of Trun.

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