A conscientious design process followed by many iterations and alterations birthed a mindfully tailored home intended to simply express the client’s desire of how they want to live and use their house.


The brief called for a simple “modern classical home” that is gracious yet unimposing. Design cues were taken from the existing structure on site, a 4-bedroom bungalow, the brief and the strict estate regulations. The bungalow was remodelled into a smaller backhouse that will house a guest room, a cinema, stewards’ rooms, gym, laundry and a bar.


Located in front of the backhouse, the L-shape of the new 3-bedroom main house allows for the center of the site to be freed up and used as the focal point where the pool is positioned. 


Although separated by a 4-meter setback, both buildings form a disjointed “Letter C” and are connected with the expansive pool deck and overhead timber slats.


The texture and materiality of the scheme is expressed in subtle highlights of limestone, timber and glass.

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Residential building Max-Mell-Allee
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Residential building Max-Mell-Allee

Graz, Austria - Build completed in 2018
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