Almendro House

Almendro House

Arqueodigma Estudio
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Project Year
Private Houses
Horacio Vinissimo
Product Spec Sheet

Baños, Monomandos, AccesoriosCASTEL
CarpentryEstudio Cordoba
Piso Interior / Porcelanite 2340Expo Cerámicas
Kitchen accesoriesODIPO
PaintPinturas Prisa

Product Spec Sheet
Baños, Monomandos, Accesorios
Piso Interior / Porcelanite 2340
Kitchen accesories

Almendro House

Arqueodigma Estudio as Architects

The Project is located in one of the exponential and fastest growing áreas on the limits of Zapopan. It is located in a private condominium with privileged green áreas, wich allows the permeability between the exterior and interior, framing the visuales of its gardens. The house is a challenge for the geometry of its terrain and for the easement that must be respected.


In the first instance, the house is designed based in its exterior gardens, and its vertical circulation creating visuales that frame the exterior, and free the interior space, creating terraces and balconies along the entire route. These circulations divide the private área from the public área of the house. On the ground floor, the study and the bathroom are divided into the leisure área of the house, which is connected to the outside área. On the upper floor, the interiores are developed with terraces and overlooking garden áreas, to generate spaces for the reflection that connects with the vegetation.


A terrace is generated on the roof top, to free up all the built space and to take advantage of the views and tranquility that this privileged place offers us. A space for hang out and rest is created, allowing the house to be integrated with its surroundings.


Material Used :
1. Tecnolite - Luminarias / VII12YDLED430MV40B
2. Cemex - Concreto
3. Estudio Cordoba - Carpintería 
4. Pinturas Prisa - Pintura 
5. Expoceramicas - Piso Interior / Porcelanite 2340
6. Castel - Baños, Monomandos, Accesorios

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Buna Sartoría
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Buna Sartoría

Mexico City, Mexico - Build completed in 2017
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