Alnovum WTC

Alnovum WTC

Benthem Crouwel Architects
Almere, Netherlands | View Map
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Alnovum WTC

Benthem Crouwel Architects as architect

The Alnovum is a multiple occupancy building for various start-up and established companies and educational establishments in the field of Information and Communication Technology. The building consists of two office volumes connected at ground and first four levels by a transparent public entrance hall. The two office volumes are each other's opposites, both in shape and construction. The sturdy introverted 'black' building provides five wide, deep floors and is built in black compressed stone with black anodised window frames; the great overhang and the placing make it seem to float on columns. The extroverted 'white' building on the other hand provides eight narrower office floors, is clad in sheets of silver aluminium with plain anodised window frames and stands firmly on an upward slanting concrete plinth. The south frontage of this part of the building is provided with an extra toughened glass screen extending over the complete height of the building, providing protection against the sun and noise from passing trains. The entrance is situated at raised ground level, partly underneath the bevelled underside of the 'black' building. The ground and first floors are designed as public space and contain various components of the service centre. The restaurant, with brightly coloured seats, is screened off by undulating curtains woven out of stainless steel and illuminated by white neon lighting. A reception desk in plain varnished bamboo with glass trays, and various easy chairs upholstered in orange material, form recognisable elements in the open entrance hall. The conference centre, with an auditorium seating 180 people, is located under the 'white' building in a more enclosed part of the entrance hall. The Alnovum is the first building to be realised within the Almere Business Centre which lies to the north of the Almere Central railway station.

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