Amber - multifunctional housing

Amber - multifunctional housing

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Chiel de Nooyer

Amber - multifunctional housing

Studio de Nooyer | photography as Photographers

Amber in the Poptahof in Delft is the second realized project in the framework of the restructuring of the entire neighborhood. CHANGE.NL has worked on behalf of Mecanoo architects in the design and technical development of this multifunctional residential building.

The project includes 151 properties in various typologies. CHANGE.NL also designed the courtyard, a deck with a smooth curvature at the edges that guide the various walking routes across the deck. In several places are themed areas such as playgrounds, elongated seating and planters filled with various wild grasses. From the deck, the adjacent park is linked to the deck via a small path on a slope.

Photography by architectural photographer Chiel de Nooyer (Chiel de Nooyer, architectuurfotograaf en interieurfotograaf)

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