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American Student Assistance

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Creating an Energetic & Branded Lighting Experience

Sladen Feinstein Integrated Lighting as Lighting design

This non-profit corporate office, encompassing 22,000 sf, provides an energetic and branded lighting experience for end users and visitors alike. The overriding lighting concept of rectilinear lines with right angles—open, enclosed and deconstructed, provides a unified concept throughout. Their corporate blue color informs ceilings, walls and lighting fixtures in public spaces that transition to black and white in the work areas. With a moderate budget, an emphasis was placed on creating bold lighting moments.

The initial impression within the elevator lobby is of a strong message of playfulness and energy with grazing and washing of one wood wall and one mural wall with directional lines of light leading to the feature lobby translucent blue wall. This wall becomes the centralizing focus to set the stage with cored out imbedded white channels illuminated from hidden point sources above to continue the elevator ceiling pattern of lighting. The effect was carefully designed to be seen equally from both sides of the translucent wall. Open rectangle and square fixtures provide task lighting throughout. Open office areas have interlocking right angle and U- shaped pendants, carefully organized to provide even, glare free illumination with low contrast ratio at all work surfaces. What appear to be random patterns are in fact calculated to provide even, low contrast lighting levels. 

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