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SuperLimão Studio as Architects

Understand an agency's operation to think about the project that would be implemented in a building designed to be multipurpose and in search of an investor was the starting point of the proposal for the design of interiors of SuperLimão for the new headquarters of Ampfy in Vila Madalena neighborhood in Sao Paulo (Brazil). Commissioned by the client for this work, came the information that the project would be based on a building projected by ReinachMendonça Architects Associates (RMAA).


The starting point was to concentrate on the two upper floors the operational areas and directives of the agency and make the ground floor a living space. On the ground floor are the meeting rooms - the front of the pavement is the informal work space and seating that intertwines with the garden and patio, supported by multifunctional furniture idealized by SuperLimão, next to the right side of the building.


In the underground, the reception was transformed into a kind of monochromatic tunnel in a deep yellow color. Some elements of the architecture were taken advantage of, having as example the perforated plate of the facades that were replicated in partitions between environments. The terraces of the facade can also be fenced with shrimp doors, made with perforated metal screen and the retreats shelter balconies, favoring the entrance of natural light inside the building.


The central area of ​​the agency had the collective prioritized in interior design. Individual cabinets and counter tops have been inserted that serve as both a print and a canopy core, sheltering, with comfort and despoiling, the informal coexistence of the employees; and the use of the front garden as an extension of the ground floor has been further optimized. Upstairs, the wood ceiling lets you glimpse the sloping roof.

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