James law cybertecture
Andheri, India


James law cybertecture as Architects

This modernistic building is an attempt to meet the demand for an iconic establishment, capturing visual scenery as well as maximization of living space. The major structural design is composed of a combination of two different structural systems. Primarily it is supported by a simple post and beam structure that is sufficient and economical. The balconies additionally use a separate raking column system that helps define the overall form of the iconic building. Additional value adding features include a torus form inspiration to promote visual flexibility for each different residential level, by enabling a wide degree of options of varying curving angles. The additional sunshading, green balconies, sound barriers enhance the luxurious living environments for affluent residents in demand.

To encourage a memorable experience of nature and scenic views, the intelligent façade system for sunshading is designed to control the intensity of the sunlight making it a more energy efficient building.


To promote a good living environment, trees and green planters become an essential core for the sustainability of the inhabitants. Green balconies are integrated into each apartment unit and around the outer skin of the building surface. The vegetated green space on the exterior generates fresh air for all the residents and functions as a heat buffer zone that helps reduce solar heat gain.


In addition to controlling the amount of heat entering the building, the Intelligent Façade System is able to reduce noise pollution and netrualize surrounding air pollutants emitted from the heavy traffic on nearby runways.

DUPLEX APARTMENT AND TERRACE The duplex units located on the upper levels have private terraces that offer residents with a great scenic view and overlooking a long stretch of outdoor space. On the terrace they can enjoy activities such as meditation, yoga and barbeque surrounded by the great view of the city.

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