Anhui Provincial Art Museum

Anhui Provincial Art Museum

RTA office
Hefei, China
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Anhui Provincial Art Museum

RTA office as Architects

The project developed by RTA-Office belongs to a big masterplan that includes three different museum buildings surrounded by a big green area. The Anhui Provincial Paleontological Fossils Museum and the Anhui Provincial New Museum are already built. RTA-Office was involved in the design of the third one, the Anhui Provincial Art Museum.

The plot is located in a new politic and cultural district. The new building will occupy the Southwest corner of the park.

The client asked for a design in accordance with the surrounding environment, for a modern architectural concept, simple and elegant, at the same time for a design with complete functions.

The proposed design organizes the program into two separate structures in accordance to axial site conditions and programmatic requirements. Although two separate buildings, they are seen as a unified body through the poetic design of the skin.

The project finds inspiration from the rugged mountain landscapes, the natural elements, and the provincial artwork – silk painting and wood carving - unique of Anhui Province.

The museum complex aims to achieve different functions such as collection, research, exhibition, education, communication, services, features; it focuses on collections.

Exhibition reflects the history of art development in Anhui province and outside through artists’ works of art, literature, etc. The proposal pays special attention to spaces’ distribution and is designed with the aim of holding international art activities.

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A.A. Hijmans van den Bergh building Utrecht University
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A.A. Hijmans van den Bergh building Utrecht University

Utrecht, Netherlands - Build completed in 2005
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