Animal Biotechnology Center

Animal Biotechnology Center

JAAM sociedad de arquitectura
Leioa, Spain
Project Year
Jorge Allende

Animal Biotechnology Center

JAAM sociedad de arquitectura as Architects

A perfectly rectangular plot (21x90 metres) whose buildable area had to be used up, a design guide –applicable to all the constructions in the Science Park where the building is located-, which demanded an external metallic skin as sun protector, and the request for a flexible building which would enable different interior distributions. These were the three main premises the building had to resolve.

We used up the buildable area of the plot by building a 21 metre wide and 22 metre high portal frame structure; inside this portal frame structure, we suspended the four floors the building has above ground level, avoiding pillars and achieving flexibility inside the building; finally, we defined the pillars in the portal frame structure with a 1.4 metre depth, so that they would solve protection from the sun as well as the structure.

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