Anticonditionalism - vertical city

Anticonditionalism - vertical city

Simon Rastorguev

Anticonditionalism - vertical city

Simon Rastorguev as Architects

Principle settling of human race in palmy days of Antiсonditionalism: it needs to be placed in key-cities, so called anti-conditional cities. The particular Terra state for just that period, the period of forced mortality moving, put the habitancy in formation of untenableness and sheer impossibility insisted prompt action.

The reasons of that fidgety are following: — all biological and energetic resources run out — bio-depletion of cultivated soil — flush pollution

All of that leads to greenhouse effect and sensible rise in the temperature (up to 5-10 °C), moreover it's driving to dissolution of arctic "caps" and subsequent iciness, finally we can find the situation of Ice Age made by aggrandizement of water project area of the Earth. The ablation moves and destroys all populated localities and productions, now human historical and cultural values placed up North and South tropical climate zones.

In these circs, the sort of eco-collapse, current existence of the civilization is absolutely impossible because of dense population (10 billions) in tropical and equatorial zones which generates race-suicide accompanying global human catastrophe.

Therefore, under rationale of our predication, only forehanded transit to Antiсonditionalism may the civilization be in line, to keep environmental balance and (perhaps) to escape the ice-house (at last, to make the aftermath optimum painless).

Before we are going to do cardinal change in architecture, we need to tack our mind and values. The purpose of the civilization should be change too.

Now instead of unregulated country growing the civilization must to put its aim to organic coexistence with nature and natural chaos, as well as to stand for maximum let-alone policy to chaos.

Of course, we can leave our planet in the near future after we finally foul it. The question is: "Do we have enough technologies, energy and capabilities for leaving the Earth at that crucial period, the period of ecological collapse, and can we populate one of proximate planets".

Present conception of Antiсonditionalism is more real, space-efficient and ecological than other variants of human universe transmigration. At last we need to renew all that was destroyed. Actually we are surprised how it is possible to be truth in the measurable future? Perhaps our followers will be marvel which way their predecessors in such vandal society have created progressive conception.

The building of Antiсonditional city is equipoised by centrifugal force of Earth circumgyration. The mass of building over geostationary orbit must be same as its mass under geostationary orbit. In this way balance of masses of building is provided.

Difference of mass is computed on the principle of technical parameters. All elements of the building are suspended on prolate pivots of carbonic fibre. Balance and stability of Antiсonditional city will be provided by the centrifugal power of rotation of Earth and the electromagnetic field around the pivots. Position of constructions can be corrected by the surges of reactive energy.

According to the conception of Antiсonditionalism it is roughcasting following actions: Developing of cities-pivots placed on the Line (the line of maximum centrifugal force). The number of cities will be congruence with human population. Pre-plan population of the Earth is 10 billions of human beings, the population of 1 city-pivot - 10 millions, so in fine - 100 vertical cities. Transportation between the cities will run above the atmosphere and underground. All dirty technologies are passed outside of the atmosphere. Energy resources, sunlight and thermo-nuclear resources, are ecological pure. Thermal, hydro- and atomic electric power stations are forbidden. Bio-greeneries as green carcass are placed on terrene. All installations situated inside of atmosphere must keep it in admissible live conditions. Old techno architecture on terrene won't pass.

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