Mateusz Baumiller
Warsaw, Poland
Basia Kuligowska and Przemek Nieciecki

AUTOR ROOMS, a new hotel founded by Mamastudio


AUTOR ROOMS, a new hotel founded by Mamastudio, opens its doors to offer guests a glimpse of authentic Warsaw.

The historic apartments at 17 Lwowska Street just became a unique, boutique hotel. Autor Rooms is expected to quickly become the destination for those who appreciate beautiful design and expect hospitality at its best. The Mamastudio hosts, proud of their city, welcome the guests to a piece authentic Warsaw and an unforgettable experience.

A key to Warsaw Warsaw is a beautiful place with a great spirit – and so-so promotion. Most city guides focus on the quaintness of the Old Town and the multimedia fountains below, ignoring the rest.“ We love our city and know all its secret treasures. We want our guests to explore Warsaw beyond the usual, uninspired tourist routes, to show them the real McCoy”, say the hosts.

At AUTOR ROOMS, the guests don’t just receive a key to their rooms – they receive a key to the city. The hosts have prepared a map of suggested places to visit, as well as a selection of trips, grouped by subject. If you are interested in culture, there are guided art exhibitions. For fashion lovers, an invitation to local fashion designers’ studios as well as best shops is available. And if night life is your thing, you will get tickets for best parties, together with a ride back to the hotel and your comfortable bed. In the morning (or , if you are not an early riser, in the afternoon..) you will get a sumptuous breakfast prepared with the local, organic products; before heading out at night, you can order room service from Kaskrut, one of the Warsaw fanciest restaurants.

Along the way, you will get to know not just places, but also creative, open-minded people that share your interests. The hotel’s concierge will be at your disposal to assist with all your needs and special requests.

Design and People The hotel has been designed by an independent architect Mateusz Baumiller, whose friends lent a helping, loving hand with the details. The curators of the Starter Gallery have provided the art, and the Zuocorp fashion studio has designed the guest bathrobes for the bathrooms, which are equipped with the highest quality BISK fittings and Polish organic cosmetics. The historic architectural touch - stucco, crown mouldings and aged, creaking floors and patina - will form a classy, discreet setting for the avant-garde art works. Each room is different, though decorated with the same taste. Custom-designed furniture and other items have been supplied by Beza Projekt, , Porcelana Kristoff, Maria Jeglinska, Comforty, Segiet Oniszh, Ultralight, Paged Meble, Purpura and BISK.

The owners will continuously display the best Polish artworks and showcase Polish brands, and they promise: “If a guest falls in love with an item, we will put him or her in touch with its creator and facilitate a purchase”.

“We hope that AUTOR ROOMS will be an opportunity for all to meet new people. We are going to treat each guest as our personal friend with whom we will share our best. We will show them our favourite neighbourhoods - cafes, side streets, art galleries and street markets – hoping that they will grow to love Warsaw as much as we do”.

The Hosts AUTOR ROOMS is the brainchild of Mamastudio, a well-known Warsaw design office specializing in visual communication brands. For over a decade now Mamastudio has been the trend setter in the capitol, as attested by national and international publications and numerous awards. The studio is famous not only for its great projects, but also for its incredible warmth, which together with its professionalism makes customers want to come back to them. Using these recognised values, the designers have decided to try something new. "Our goal is to create new quality in the hospitality market in Warsaw. We want to fill the niche between cheap hostels and private accommodation on the one hand, and big names and luxe hotels on the other. AUTOR ROOMS is meant to attract people looking for beauty, for unpretentious atmosphere and for an opportunity to connect with people with similar interests.

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