Avila Pavilion

Avila Pavilion

El Zapote, Jalisco, Mexico
Project Year
Arq. Cesar Béjar

Avila Pavilion

COTAPAREDES Arquitectos as Architects

The project is located in the garden of a rest house on the outskirts of the city of Guadalajara Jalisco. The building had to function to host events of different purposes, with a capacity for 200 people.

By counting the site with a house and a terrace of traditional architecture, the Pavilion should seek to be as respectful of the environment as possible and at the same time be efficient with the resources to facilitate its execution, for which the structure was modulated using the Standard measurements of the materials to be used such as steel, aluminum, glass and sheet cover.

the structure was modulated to 3mts, using columns PTR type where they rest the armors that give form to the cover. To make the wind circulate freely through space, we generate a gap in the roofs, which also helps us for acoustics. The largest surface of the roof is oriented to the north and the smallest to the south. The roof flies 1.5m to the sides to protect from excess lighting as well as generating a "engawa" where the user can walk the pavilion and admire the gardens being "protected" by the architecture.

To generate the accesses, two stereotomic pieces were designed that resolve the kitchen and bathroom services and at the same time give it a formal character different from the lateral ones that seeks to be as transparent as possible to integrate with the garden.

The aesthetics of the accesses is framed by the gap play of the covers made of white ribbed sheet prepared to reflect the heat as much as possible.

Material Used:

1. Steel Sheet – Lamina Ternium

2. Windows – Eurovent

3. Steel – Aceros Ocotlan

4. Lamps - Construlita

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Product Specifications
Aceros OcotlanSteel
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