Badel Block Development, Zagreb (Croatia)

Badel Block Development, Zagreb (Croatia)

Designers' Alcove for Art & Architecture
Zagreb, Croatia
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Badel Block Development, Zagreb (Croatia)

Designers' Alcove for Art & Architecture as Architects

The main idea behind the concept is to create “A HIGHLY DIVERSE AND MULTI-FUNCTIONAL URBAN PUBLIC SPACE”, that serves the purpose of filling the void of a much needed urban landmark in the region. Badel Block is an extremely potential area for hosting a huge spectrum of activities. But it is important to make these functions as plural and diverse as well as adaptable as possible, in order to offer the most optimum and lively solution to the local people. This is going to be the key for the success of the project and its flourishment in the future. Participation of the local population will be the single most important factor in determining the upcoming of the project. The more variety it has to offer, the more successful it will be. We have tried to understand what the local population may really need here, that is geneally missing. And that is the key to our planning concept as well as to the long term sustainability of the project. Besides creating the required built-up area for the residential, commercial and other purposes, it is important to introduce the much needed and highly diverse cultural and recreational activities in order to boost the social and cultural value of the place by providing ample green spaces for public interaction. Part of the site will also be open for the people from surrounding areas outside the Badel Block in order to pump-up the social activeness and to ensure optimum long term use of the facilities provided. We think it is important to bring these extrnal users to our sur site, just as it is, to let our site occupants reach out to the surrounding areas by creating suitable connections like bridges, walkways and subways. The connection must not just be physical, but visual as well. We have tried to achieve this by providing a pedestrian bridge connection from our site to the adjoining open market and to the park nearby. This connection, which happens at the second floor level, will be gated and guarded at the point of entrance to the site in order to ensure the privacy and security of the residents. The buildings have been designed and oriented in order to give the best possible views to and from the surrounding areas of project. At the same time, the scale and heights of these buildings have also been carefully studied in order to add and improve the existing skyline, without being too aggressive or imposing.

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