Bangalove Residence

Bangalove Residence

Rodrigo Simão Arquitetura
Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil | View Map
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Antonio Garcia

Bangalove Residence

Rodrigo Simão Arquitetura as Architects, Structural Engineering - Concrete Structure, Management / Coordination, Foundation Project, Lighting Design, Interior Design, Landscaping Project, Hydraulic / Electrical Install Projects

Conversion of a weekend cottage into a permanent residence, fulfilling demands of a family with kids, with varandas, terraces and comfortable acesses to the garden, stimulating an open air modus vivendi.


The project was guided by the program and local determinants such as: the existing house and garden,  the land boundary line, the existing topography, the views, insolation and also by a large amount of demolition material that the clients had acquired,  mostly doors and windows frames and some structural pieces.


The program included the reform and expansion of an existing wooden cottage, eliminating internal partitions and a 2nd floor, creating a double height unified space, with integrated kitchen. Also three new suites, a home theater and a bike workshop were created, linked by glazed corridors, arranged in two ediculae.


A pool pavillion was created covered by a steel and glass pergola, cointaining a gourmet kitchen and refectory table. The pool was subdivided in a cold and a warm part, heated by solar panels located on the roof over the new suites.


A small glazed semi-wet finnish sauna(wood fired) was created in the old cottage basement, close to the pool and to the garden shower.


A sawn granite terrace, a wooden deck created around the pool and stairs made out of recycled masonry stone and wood integrate the house with the landscape.



-Scavenged materials were deployed in its natural state with unique texture

-architecture and landscape design assume similar importance

- visual connection with the garden and the mountains

- light fittings were handcrafted from the removed wood pieces of the existing cottage. Some others were light reflectors from a school sports court that were reformed. The metallic beams received built-in led chords that create a distinguished effect of indirect  light in the wooden ceillings.


All the light fittings contribute to a very warm, cosy, candle light atmosphere.

-the extensive use of natural materials and low reflection colors like english green for the metallic structure and moss green for the external bricks masonry parts, contributing to the dissolution of the construction into the landscape.

-the tactile and olfactive experience created by the ubiquity of wood

-the lighting project that intensifies the materiality of the house.       


Energy efficiency:

-natural light throughout the house, even in closets and toilets

-natural ventilation in all rooms

-solar heating for part of the pool



- recycling material – a lot of scavenged wood was acquired form a barn and used in great part of the interventions. Frames, locks, old light fittings, reused mansory stones, were widely deployed, investing a lot in local human labour, avoiding environmental costs of extractivism and long distance transportation. Besides the great texture, subtle qualities are added such as humanity and animic comfort.

- the choice for a kind of wood that is considered “alternative use*” for the ceilings of the ediculae. (Peroba Mica – 15x2cm)*according to IBAMA.


Material Used :
1. Petromix – Concrete fck 35mpa 
2. Vidraçaria Bassous – Glasses Ordinary and tempered glasses and aluminum frames
3. Marcenaria Manzani - wood structures
4. Serralheria Fabinho – steel 
5. Laminação Guanabara – steel ASTM 572 beam
6. Sika – asphalt blanket
7. Serraria Itaipava – wood planks and pieces
8. Marmoraria Nossa Sa. Do Amor Divino – kitchen and bathroom stones

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Project Credits
Architects, Structural Engineering - Concrete Structure, Management / Coordination, Foundation Project, Lighting Design, Interior Design, Landscaping Project, Hydraulic / Electrical Install Projects
Product Spec Sheet

Asphalt blanketSika
Wood planks and piecesSerraria Itaipava
Product Spec Sheet
Asphalt blanket
by Sika
Wood planks and pieces
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