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RoleBrandsProducts Used
Manufacturers/ suppliersColdfog, atomizing system Inc.
Manufacturers/ suppliersDD Wire
Manufacturers/ suppliersDelstar Technologies
Manufacturers/ suppliersOwens Corning
Manufacturers/ suppliersRadiant Guard
Manufacturers/ suppliersTargetti North America


OBRA Architects as Architects

BEATFUSE! is this year's site of the popular Warm Up series, a summer ritual celebrating music, art and architecture which joins thousands of New Yorkers in a moment of togetherness, likened to the beatmatched tunes of DJs who play to the crowds every Saturday in the PS1 courtyard.

The outdoor space has been designed as three climatic zones suggestive of the ancient configuration of the Roman thermae: the Tepidarium with its moiré shade from a skin of polypropylene mesh scales overhead, evaporative pools and misters, the small square gallery of the Frigidarium lined with foil insulation and ice block benches, and the Caldarium with its array of radial chaise lounges for sunbathing around the large soaking pool.

Within the constraints of a modest budget and tight design and construction schedule, the entire project was conceived as a paperless project, modeled and manufactured digitally via CNC routing and lasercutting. Each component is different, all parts assembled at varying heights, positions and angles, yet continuity materializes in the 19 steel hangers, 16 brackets and 8 footing brackets which adjust to the conditions of each connection, allowing wood beams to connect to each other, to the ground, and the concrete courtyard walls, which could not be permanently altered for this temporary installation. The project aims to envelop the inhabitant, pushing the experience towards an interiority that suggests a bridge between the realm of art and that of architecture, a context to be entered and experienced from within rather than observed from without as object.

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