BEES’ KNEES at the MixC

BEES’ KNEES at the MixC

Atelier A
The MixC, Jinan, China
Project Year
Byungmin Jeon

BEES’ KNEES at the MixC by Atelier A + Be opposite architecture

Atelier A as Architects

Natural and Rustic American Restaurants with Indoor Terraces

American Retro style is the theme of the two BEES’ KNEES Restaurants, the new projects of Atelier A in the MixC Shopping Mall and Hang Lung Plaza (Parc 66) in Jinan.


The design is inspired by the natural and austere aesthetics of American Shakers, which has a great impact on American decorations and contemporary Scandinavian design. Both of the BEES’KNEES restaurants feature simple,practical and elegant decorations in accordance with the Shakers’ style as well as Atelier A’s philosophy that values utility and quality.


BEES’ KNEES at the MixC

The MixC restaurant is designed in the same style as BEES’ KNEES Restaurant at Parc 66, except for slight adjustments in space and materials. Its terrace is extended to the corridor, which is available for use. As it is located on the B1 floor, wood cannot be used for decoration according to fire safety regulations. Therefore, hot rolled steel is used for shelves, rails and decorative lines to conform to the uniformed façade of the shopping mall. The original concrete blocks are kept as much as possible except for the newly built part which is paved with warm red bricks to soften the tonality of the space.

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