Big Bang

Big Bang

36 Pingjiaqiao Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China | View Map
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Amey Kandalgaonkar

Big Bang

100architects as Architects

Big Bang is a creative intervention on a public spacerooftopdesigned to activate a new mixed-use buildinglocated in the New Bund, the emerging international business center in Pudong (Shanghai), with the aim of fosteringentertainment & social interactions among new visitors, appealing to kids, youngsters& adults alike.


The project is located in a 2-story rooftop which is always open to public, with direct access from the street level and the indoor commercial space. It sets an outdoor public platform for social interactions.


The design was conceptualized as an explosion of colors in the public rooftop of the commercial building, releasing colorful debris from the epicenter to the sides, which becomes either seating features or shading structures.


In the epicenter of the explosion emerges a hill of activities, dividing the multifunctional platform in 2 areas. One side of the hill is dedicated to playful activities for the entertainment of the younger visitors, such us slopes, tunnels, climbing surfaces, etc... The other side of the hill was designed to host small gatherings, events and workshops, not only for kids but for youngsters and adults as well, and therefore it features different types of tribunes and mini-amphitheaters.


The resulting intervention is rendered as a system of 4 transversal stripes of triangulated colors and various activities, occupying the rooftop from border to border. A public platform for social interactions and dynamics impossible to miss when walking through the rooftop.

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