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Bookshop by Savvy Studio

Masisa as Manufacturers

Masisa Horizontes

Masisa, one of the leading producers and marketers of wood boards for furniture and architecture in Latin America, announced its new portfolio of design and brands under the name" Horizontes ". This portfolio is the result of a partnership with leading Mexican design professionals that culminated in the creation of an exclusive collection distinguished by its original creative concepts. The new portfolio, made with 100 % sustainable materials, meets the latest global trends in architecture and industrial design. In the exhibition, Masisa created four indoors with signature pieces of furniture designed by some of the most renowned exponents of Mexican design: Ariel Rojo, Emiliano Godoy, Savvy Studio and ROW Studio. The designers sought to highlight the attributes of the four Masisa product categories: Panelart ®, MDFsmart, Wilsonart ® and Naturart, achieving environments full of vitality and energy, representing the future of design in Mexico.

Bookshop by Savvy Studio

If we think deeper, the majestic is the sum of the small; as well as the city is made up of buildings, buildings are made up of interiors, and the latter are composed of diverse objects. In this ambience, Savvy Studio designed a series of furniture for a bookshop with MDF smart Masisa, where the material's versatility allowed Savvy to recreate a proposal that appeals to architecture as interpreter of space, distinguishing the objectual of the monumental, fundamental elements in the history of a city and its memoir. The proposal is a semiotic dialogue between the object, architecture and the city to understand the action of "living". Savvy Studio is a multi-disciplinary studio dedicated to developing brand experiences that generate emotional links between clients and their audience.

Their team is composed by specialists in the areas of marketing, communication, graphic design, industrial design, creative copywriting and architecture. They also collaborate with talented artists and designers from around the world, a process that allows them to offer creative and innovative solutions with a global competitive edge. They approach every project with a comprehensive and open creative process, which facilitates the participation of their clients in every step.

Book City by Savvy in Collaboration with: Isauro Huizar @ Los Contratistas

Savvy Studio as Designers

Masisa, Mexico’s leading MDF panel producer, invited Savvy Studio to design a pavilion for Casa Bosques bookstore at the 2013 Mexican Design Open that would convey the quality of their materials and the spatial affinity that is established within the locations they are used in.

When looking up close, one can understand how great things are made up of smaller pieces. Cities are made up of buildings, these in turn are made up of interiors which themselves are made up of individual objects.

Architecture helps us interprete these sequences as a spatial structure. It also helps us to appreciate individual works and monuments as fundamental elements of a city’s history and a collective memory.

The proposal expreses an allegory between object, interior and city – an approach towards a qualitative dimension, essential for understanding human dwelling.

In Collaboration with: Isauro Huizar @ Los Contratistas (

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