Breath Box

Breath Box

NAS architecture
La Grande-Motte, France
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Paul KOZLOWSKI, ©photoarchitecture

Breath Box - activates senses for the Festival of Lively Architecture along shoreline of La Grande Motte France

NAS architecture as Architects

The main wall of "Breath Box" is reflective, facing the horizon. It does not only recreate the image of the sea, it transforms by its own attributes. The wind comes lift the many reflective modules, providing a duality between visual experience and reflection ripple.

"Breath Box" allows to distinguish, to see the wind passage, not only feel but apprehend physically. The recomposed mirror is deformed under the influence of wind, making them interact with the natural elements and the senses. The experiment continues inside the pavilion. That shelters made of burnt wood plays with our senses. A light effect is taking place throughout the day, accentuated by the movement of the mirrors. The sensuality described here is to be taken at the level of visual accomplishment. The pleasure of following the passage of fluctuating, pulsating wind, creating a mosaic of city landscape, grande-motte color. "Breath Box" therefore provides immediate and changing experience. You can not escape, as you wander seafront to the attraction of these changing facets that offer a variety of different pictures.

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Serpentine Pavilion 2015
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