Brown Condo Sale Gallery

Brown Condo Sale Gallery


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Brown Condo Sale Gallery

PODesign as Architects

Sale gallery for Brown Condo Huai Khwang is located on Pracha Uthit Road, a neighborhood road. The program is for displaying 2 mock-up units of BROWN condominium.

Folding industrial expanded metal is introduced on main façade. The material is to create delicate elegant façade and, at the same time, being sunshade for the glass panel behind.

The expanded metal itself has delicate pattern while it is not rigid surface. In this project, the expanded is vertically folded to, not only increase the strength of material, but also create the depth within the linear façade. By applying 2 shades of color, copper and silver, on each of the folding planes, it creates the illusion of light, colors and pattern when one passes by and when the angle of sunlight is change.

When looking closely through the folding planes against the sun, one can see the color of copper and silver mixed under the sunlight. It creates the new color in every different angle view. Simultaneously, the pattern od expanded metal through each of the folding plane reveals as another changeable pattern with depth of field.

In the distance, the sale gallery is covered with different opaque color depends on the location of the observer. The length of each vertical folding mesh is in various length to create the shape of the façade.

Intricated and lively feel of building is possible happen by using the typical industrial material in different perspective.

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ManufacturersAGC Glass Europe
ManufacturersBlueScope Steel
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