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Building 2000

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A “green” building and is revolutionary in many aspects.

ROCKWOOL International A/S as Manufacturers

The ROCKWOOL Group's research centre, called Building 2000, is placed at the ROCKWOOL headquarter in Hedehusene, Denmark. The building is a "green" building and is revolutionary in many respects; It combines low energy consumption with great comfort and an excellent indoor climate. And all this without compromising the architecture. The building has won several prizes.

Energy performance

The cleanest energy is the energy we save. And the building sector is the place to start saving. Construction and heating of buildings account for 33- 50% of society's total energy consumption. The potential energy and COsavings are substantial. Building 2000 is designed to be among the world's most energy-efficient office buildings. However, designing a low-energy building is one thing. Running it efficiently so that the planned energy savings are realised is another. Click below to see how we are performing:

Indoor climate

Air, sound, light. Those are the pivotal elements which create a pleasant indoor climate. And a pleasant indoor climate is important to foster creativity and per-formance among our employees. Large window areas offer lots of daylight and a superb view on the surrounding countryside. The building is ventilated by natural ventilation which helps saving energy and a sophisticated regulation system for opening the windows ensures the necessary air shift. The quality of the air is constantly monitored.

Building solutions

The world's most energy efficient building has been created by minimising the heat loss. To demonstrate how the temperature drops through the building elements, we have installed sensors in the main construction parts.

Fire safety

Our people and the unique know-how living within the walls of Building 2000 are important. Too important only to be protected by minimum fire safety requirements. We want to do better than that. The main constructions of the building are made of non-combustible steel and concrete using fireproof Rockwool Conlit to protect the steel constructions. The roof and wall constructions have also been further fire protected with Rockwool materials and fire gypsum boards. This enables them to withstand fire for 60 minutes REI 60 according to the new EU standards, this is twice as long as required by the Danish building regulations.

Sustainable building

Building 2000 is a "green" building. We minimise the consumption of resources and at the same time ensure a good indoor climate as well as modern conveniences. Life-cycle analyses (LCA) have been an important tool to sum up the environmental effects. Throughout the whole life-cycle of the building - from extraction of raw materials until "retirement" of the building many years later. By using LCA we create a general view and we ensure that the phases after the projecting and construction phase are properly examined. Especially, the service life phase is of fundamental importance. Often the life of a building must be calculated in centuries contrary to almost all other products.

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