Bulding on Ordaz

Bulding on Ordaz

Cuernavaca , Mexico
Project Year
Private Houses
Luis Gordoa

Bulding on Ordaz

T3arc as Architects

Considering the orientation and the locations of the existing trees we project a small building in a former old house. The house was located on an spacious lot with two accesses; with a short budget, we decided to use approximately 400 m2 over the side with most of the traffic. We divided the first floor into tree equal modules, in double high, in order to offer the possibility to rent them alone or together (As it has happened with the coffee shop that is currently in service). On the second floor there is an atelier of 200 m2. All the structure is made of concrete frames and precast concrete beams modules. In general we looked for a simple and economical architecture, in order to build it fast, and for the best use of the outdoor space. The most important challenge was to provide a new garden for the house and to avoid it from being disturbed by the 8m height building. Therefore we divided the garden with a regional stone wall and reduced its height with a brick lattice thatat the same time help us with the ventilation and the indirect light of the upper floor. The garden has still a good dimension and the new building looks like it has been there always. The line of trees in frontprotects the building from the sun and provides a pleasant shade that allows outdoor space to be used as a terrace. Moreover allows us to open the site to the street.

The building blends into the environment and the neighborhood enjoys their shade as a new sidewalk or a pause in a very dense street.

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