Caffé Medici Roasting Facility

Caffé Medici Roasting Facility

Runa Workshop
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Dror Baldinger FAIA

Caffé Medici Roasting Facility

Runa Workshop as Architects

The first of its kind in the Medici family, the Roasting Facility made its home in a community of makers, on the east side of Austin, Texas. Designed on a tight budget to accommodate expensive roasting equipment and filtration systems, we ensured that we thoughtfully curated an impactful and inclusive space for coffee enthusiasts alike. The overarching design is true to the process of this artful craft, which requires a great deal of passion. The craft itself is complex and detailed. It can be quirky, frugal, or even resourceful, but its essence at the core remains the same. In order to achieve this and stay true to the nature of the place, Medici [brand], and the materials used, the Medici Roasting Facility is ultimately a celebration of craft.


In order to highlight the barista, we designed a double height frame that created a grandiose feel within the space. With a custom pendant light fixture that delicately drapes the perimeter, your eye is immediately drawn to the artist and their craft. Utilizing clean lines and a neutral material palette that ranges from milk-white to darker brown colors apparent in the roasting process, we created a balance within the space. Steel, wood and exposed structure felt like natural choices to allow people to feel immersed in the “gritty” experience that is inherent in the roasting process. An uninhibited view into the roasting facility from the café allows patrons to engage in the alluring process, and when all of these elements come together, the space itself becomes experiential, revealing even. Patrons are able to appreciate the steps it takes to make the perfect cup of coffee; a key element in the clients’ vision for their first roasting facility.

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Product Spec Sheet

Ceiling - TegularArmstrong Ceilings US
Ceramic Tile – Retro 2.0Concept Surfaces
Solid Surface – Graphite Polished, Pure White PolishedVicostone
Plastic Laminate – Phantom CocoaWilsonart
Product Spec Sheet
Ceiling - Tegular
Ceramic Tile – Retro 2.0
Solid Surface – Graphite Polished, Pure White Polished
Plastic Laminate – Phantom Cocoa
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