Campidoglio 2

Campidoglio 2

Mario Cucinella Architects S.r.l
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Commercial Landscape
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Civic Offices Campidoglio 2

Mario Cucinella Architects S.r.l as Architects

First prize in the international competition for the new town hall of Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy - 2007. MCA will design the new 110.000m2 Civic offices in Rome.

The building complex is located in a rich historical context between the Appia Antica Park and the Tiber River. The design proposed exploits this meeting of urban and natural landscapes by creating an axis around which the new buildings are distributed. The axis works at an urban scale to symbolically connect the new Civic Offices with the Appia Antica park and the existing Capitoline Hill in the heart of Rome.

There are three main building blocks that house workspaces and public services such as the library, crèche, auditorium and fitness centre. Communication between different departments is guaranteed by circulation routes that cross the building.

Careful attention has been given to sustainable design principles.

A series of shafts pierce the building bringing fresh air and natural light to the lower floors and allowing substantial savings in energy consumption and CO2 emissions compared to a standard office building.

A thorough site analysis was made by observing the most common wind patterns and analising the shades. This has made it possible to proportion and model the complex with the objective to help natural ventilation, day and night, to control heath by sun radiation in the summer, to optimise the winter sun and to integrate where possible the green surroundings with the building.

The facilty will combine a mechanic airconditioning system (with high energy output) with various solutions of passive cooling. In particular a series of light shafts that pierce vertically through the different offices. They support the natural cooling of the building and also serve to extract warm air. Furthermore, water is sprayed in these glass towers through micronisers causing a dawnward flow of cool air. The towers work by the Passive and Hybrid Dawndraught Cooling, PHDC, principles.

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