Casa B.N.
Aniello Mastroianni – Luigi Cafiero
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Roof windowsFAKRO
Bathroom furniture – Stone CollectionAgha
Wooden beamsDani Legnami
Tapware - Carrara CollectionPonsi
Concealed bracket – Alumidi CollectionRothoblass

Product Spec Sheet
Roof windows
Bathroom furniture – Stone Collection
by Agha
Wooden beams
Tapware - Carrara Collection
by Ponsi
Concealed bracket – Alumidi Collection

Casa B.N.

LCA_Luigi Cafiero Architetti & Partners as Architects

The work commissioned was to renovate a small house located in the historic center of Follonica. The height limits and the stringent constraints to which the property is subjected have led to a calibrated work of double height of the internal floors and the study of new sources of natural light that do not impact on the facades. We immediately imagined exploiting the quality of the space by working inside the volume, whose limit is represented by the pitched roof, enhancing it and making it visible from every observation point of the house. Two main beams define the space of the small mezzanine and with a game of joints they support a secondary structure that frees the ridge of the roof from any structural element allowing it to maintain its geometric cleanliness. The terrace was also imagined as a "missed" space, excavated, almost as if the house had repurposed, in its appearance, the connotation of the historical urban fabric of Follonica.


Material Used :
1. Rothoblass – concealed bracket – Alumidi Collection
2. Dani Legnami - wooden beams
3. Vesper190 – bathroom furniture
4. Agha –bathroom furniture – Stone Collection
5. Ponsi – tapware - Carrara Collection
6. Fakro - roof windows
7. EnergieKer - floors

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