Casa deLunna

Casa deLunna

Santiago de Querétaro, Qro., Mexico
Project Year
Private Houses
Ricardo Janet

Casa deLunna

REIMS 502 as Architects

Introverted, solid and antagonistic single-family house inside a gated community that protects the privacy of its inhabitants within a large concrete monolith arranged around a central courtyard that orders, facilitates views to the south, seeks appropriate orientation and generates an interior microclimate that adequately responds to the physical-geographical conditions of the area.


From an ordering grid of 6x6m the scaffolding of the project is established, which nests in each of its modules, all the parts of the program that concentrically develop around the central courtyard in a tectonic-spatial sequence that gradually transitions from the public to the private areas in three levels, each tectonically defined in accordance.


The garage and a flexible lounge are nested in the basement, tectonically defined in floors and walls by the hardness of natural stone extracted from the site. This basement serves as the plinth on top of which the pubic spaces are accommodated at street level (entry, living room, dining room, kitchen, family room, studio and terrace). The brutality of the cast concrete walls and the warmth of the travertine marble floors define this realm. Finally, the private program nested on the upper floor, houses the family bedrooms and service requirements, and is mostly lined with natural wood floors and walls that provide a soft and welcoming atmosphere to its inhabitants.

Project team
Fosbury & Sons Co-Work
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Fosbury & Sons Co-Work

Antwerp, Belgium - Build completed in 2016
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