Casa Don Juan

Casa Don Juan

Emilio López Herrera
Don Juan, Ecuador
Project Year
Private Houses
JAG Studio

Casa Don Juan

Emilio López Herrera as Architects

Don Juan House is located near the top of a hill along the coast line. Oriented from east to west, the house opens at both sides: in the front facing the ocean and in the back to a native deciduous forest. The double-opening allows crossed ventilation and imbeds the house and its inhabitants within the surroundings.

The concept of the double-opening shaped the architecture, which is conceived as two funnels that converge at one side.

110m2 contain the very simple plan, with two levels of open areas that connect through double-height ceilings. The living room, dining room, kitchen and a complete bathroom are distributed on the ground floor. Two bedrooms facing a double-height ceiling oriented to the ocean occupy the second floor. In the rear façade another double-height window opens up to the back with the staircase.

The entire structure is made with local wood: Amarillo and Asta. Flat-fiber cement panels cover the shell of the house, while the inner façades are plastered and covered with bamboo, permitting a feel of warm materials within the inside yet not compromising the protection of the exterior of the house.

Material used:

1. Asta and Amarillo, local Wood for estructure

2. inner façades are plastered and covered with bamboo

3. Flat-fiber cement panels cover the shell of the house

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