Casa No Figueiral

Casa No Figueiral

Pedro Fonseca Jorge
Benedita, Portugal | View Map
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Private Houses
Pedro Fonseca Jorge

House in Figueiral

Pedro Fonseca Jorge as Architects

The house tried to return the plot’s original morphology: it had ben a gravel extraction site, than left a "hole" in the plot with practically no vegetation, contrasting with the dense surrounding woods. It was therefore decided to build over the remaining depression, reversing a house’s traditional layout: access is made through the first floor (office + living + kitchen) taking advantage of the view over the treetops. Below, the bedrooms, from which we can see through the woods, which have a garden on its rooftop, for the common areas’ usufruct.


Material Used :
1. External double wall with: 20cm hollow brick + 2cm plaster with anti-fungal paint + 4cm “wallmate” thermal insulation + 3cm air box + 11x5x23cm apparent red brick, stapled 5 times per square meter.
2. Inner walls: - Single 11cm hollow brick wall + by 2cm plastering on both sides + anti-fungal paint.
3. Stapled Zinc roof + 8cm „roofmate“/“cork agglomerate“ thermal insulation + vapor barrier
4. Technal FC model Dark grey (RAL 7016) alluminion doors and windows + double glass 8mm + 6mm
5. "Moleanos" stone Tresholds and Sills
6. 2.5cm thick Afizélia wood flooring over 4x4cm wooden beams spaced 15cm apart
7. Dark Grey (RAL 7016) Lacquered Galvanized IronRailings
8. Red "Vale da Gândara" Paver 
9. 2.10 x 0.80 m inner doors with a 0.08 x 0.04 m solid wood frame + central area of 0.5 cm plywood covered by 0.68 x 1.98 m wood veneer + 0.80 x 0.19 x 0.03 cm sills and lintels + 2.10 x 0.19 x 0.03 cm jambs, all in afizéliasolid wood + “D-line” handles and hinges
10. Bathrooms: Combi 9077Porcelain Tile, by Cinca + Roca toilets, Vitória model + Max Tres taps + CBC/AD towel racks

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Product Spec Sheet

FC model Dark grey (RAL 7016) alluminion doors and windows + double glass 8mm + 6mmTechnal
Combi 9077 Porcelain TileCinca
"Moleanos" stone Tresholds and SillsMoleanos
Product Spec Sheet
by Roca
FC model Dark grey (RAL 7016) alluminion doors and windows + double glass 8mm + 6mm
by Technal
Combi 9077 Porcelain Tile
by Cinca
"Moleanos" stone Tresholds and Sills
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