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Casco Loft: Interiors for Interaction

Casco Loft: Interiors for Interaction

Amsterdam, The Netherlands | View Map
Project Year
Private Houses
Jansje Klazinga
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
FloorForbo Flooring Systems
linoleum uni walton purArmstrong Flooring
Concrete CoatingBorellith
Interiors and furniture makingDe Kunsthand
Uni Plain Smooth Rubber TileNoraplan

Product Spec Sheet
linoleum uni walton pur
Concrete Coating
Interiors and furniture making
by Flexa
Uni Plain Smooth Rubber Tile

Casco Loft: Interiors for Interaction

FABRICations as Architects

Casco Loft is an interior design project developed by FABRICations for one of the Superlofts in theHouthavens District, in Amsterdam. The three story dwelling takes advantage of the flexibility of the structure to deliver an innovative experience of a housing interior, in line with the resiliency principles of FABRICations.


The design relies on a range of strategies that aim to privilege interaction and flexibility, encouraging shared activities and free use. Enclosed spaces, like the bedrooms, are minimized and strategically placed to leave visual and physical proximity to common spaces.


In essence, the shell (in Dutch “Casco”) is treated as an open space, where suspended boxes are fitted in. The upper floors are retracted to generate voids and double heights in proximity of the façades. Such design increases not only the amount of sunlight in the living areas of the house, but also allows for more cross ventilation, hereby ensuring a high degree of passive environmental control while simultaneously generating an unconventional spatial experience.


Furthermore, each space has its own characteristic visual identity, relying on a wide range of colors, textures and materials. Different levels of transparency, reflectivity and separation are achieved by the use of metal meshes, wood, resin paint and methacrylate panels. The choice of unconventional materials for interiors, like the metal mesh normally adopted in armored concrete, brings to the construction added value also in terms of cost effectiveness, lightweight and space occupation.


The flexible layout was designed to allow for a variety of visual and personal interactions. The dominant colors of the staircases and their prominent positioning within the house turn the act of moving through the house into an adventurous journey. By creating multi-functional areas that can change use according to the needs of the user, the design maximizes the value of every single square meter. The entrance space for example, can be turned into working space or additional living space, since it is located on a separated level from the rest of the house. In the meantime, a guest bedroom is hidden in the colored volume at the entrance, ready to be used during night time.


Material Used :
1. Floor:  Armstrong linoleum uniwaltonpur
2. Floor: NoraplanUni Plain Smooth Rubber Tile
3. Floor: Forbo
4. Walls: Flexa Pure
5. Concrete Coating: BorellithTransparent 
6. Interiors and furniture making: De Kunsthand (www.dekunsthand.nl)
7. All steelwork: Co Liberg - liberstaal.nl
8. Light advice: Rob Clemens - clemenslichtadvies.nl
9. Wooden floors from Leno Tec: Jasper Kerkhofs - javihoutbouwbv.com
10. Advice and design steel stairs: Thomas Bennen - thomasbennen.com
11. Resin paint of the bathroom: by Ronald Versloot, idea by Thomas Bennen

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Project Credits
Wooden floors from Leno Tec
Advice and design steel stairs
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