Centro Cultural de Lampa (Lampa Cultural Center)

Centro Cultural de Lampa (Lampa Cultural Center)

EMa Arquitectos
Sargento Aldea 1026 Lampa, Chile | View Map
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Cultural Centres
Marcelo Cáceres

Lampa Cultural Center

EMa Arquitectos as Architects

The project is proposed as a community meeting place that builds a public space around culture, in recognition of the nature of agricultural landscapes, traditions and of Lampa's own social gathering.


That’s how it is create a square with an open courtyard character, which communicates the urban exterior life with the interior culture space. A meeting place, consisting of a curved wall of intercalated bricks, which acts as a visual filter with the Cultural Center, creating gardens and intermediate spaces that mediate both situations.


The materiality in clay brick, the white of the lime and the natural stone rescue elements of the place that recognize their identity.


The program, made up of exhibition halls, workshops with courtyards and an auditorium as in the end, is developed on the same level in order to integrate into the urban context, provide fluidity to the route and adapt to the human scale.


The Lampa Cultural Center project was selected as a leading work for the next XXI Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism of Chile to be carried out in October of this year and by Chile national committee as part of the works presented for the international selection XI Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture in Paraguay.

Material Used :

1. CERAMICA SANTIAGO / Lattice block

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Lattice blockCerámica Santiago
Product Spec Sheet
Lattice block
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