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London, United Kingdom
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Edgley Design as Architects

When presented with an expansive vertical space within a three-storey stairwell, Edgley Design created a contemporary interpretation of a classic cut-glass chandelier—resulting in a dramatic yet affordable and easy-to-construct light source. Opulent-looking slivers of green-tinted Perspex replaced heavier glass. Adding 580m of fibre optic cable and using only glue, a drill and a crimper, Edgley architects handmade the chandelier on site in two days, as time constraints provided no opportunity to test or build samples.

From a single light bulb hidden within a wooden box at top, fibre optic cables extend through 140 holes drilled into an acrylic sheet. Hanging suspended in varying lengths, the cables provide the chandelier’s 7-meter-long structure as well as its light, as it travels down the fibre into each acrylic rectangle.

Edgley designers are careful to evenly distribute the pieces throughout the space to avoid clusters of light—yet design their placement to look random. Sanding down the rectangles’ edges creates tiny nicks in the smooth surface, resulting in delicate pulses of light.

These light patterns and reflections are cast about the walls and stairwell in a striking but unobtrusive way. During the day, natural rays from a roof window above the chandelier mingle with the space’s synthetic light. The ethereal, fluid result derives from a flexible concept. Future installations can easily vary in height, width or density of cables and light without changing the materials and construction of the product.

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