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Chimney House

Studio David Thulstrup as Architects

David Thulstrup has just completed Chimney House, a stunning architectural and interior design project for which virtually everything was specially designed, from an additional level to a dramatic steel staircase and bespoke door handles. Created for VIPP, Chimney House incorporates bold architectural interventions that honour the original structure of the heritage-listed former water pumping station but add a cutting edge contemporary overlay.

“For me this was a dream architectural project because I had so much control, from the strong gestures of the architecture to the finest interior detailing. Although I was encouraged to make it edgy, liveability was still a guiding principle. I wanted it to have the personality, functions and aesthetics of a private home,” says David Thulstrupfounder and creative director of Studio David Thulstrup.

Chimney House takes its name from its distinctive 35-metre high minaret shaped chimney, added to the 1902 building in 1928, and restored during this yearlong project.

The main structural change was a new upper level in steel that follows the gabled roofline of the original brick building and acts as a modern counterpoint. Existing arched windows were extended to ground level and turned into steel framed glass doors and a deep cut was made into one façade leading to a new external terrace.

A U-shaped staircase bisects the ground floor and acts as a divider to define the dining and living zones in the open plan space. Made of steel and strongly geometric, the staircase is clad in extruded aluminium panelling echoing the facade of the VIPP Shelter, a retreat in Sweden.

“With the staircase I wanted to amplify cues from the matt black of VIPP’s universe. The top landing is totally black, but naturally lit from above by a large skylight that creates an atrium-like feel around the hard core metal staircase.”The skylight has a view up the neck of the chimney.

Inside, the concept of the architectural detailing was to retain the sense of the original space by creating a separation between the old and the new.

“Nothing touches the exterior walls. The new volume housing a bathroom is set off the wall and there’s a shadow gap where the terrazzo flooring stops. The pitch of the original roof is highlighted by a strong line and material change identifying the extension. The existing façade walls are treated with a warm grey render so you sense the brick. This approach to the detailing honors the character of the building and delineates the new work.”

The pitched roof of the new level is left exposed and its generous height is accentuated by three 5-metre long custom designed pendant lamps made from stacked Perspex discs.

With the interior design Thulstrup sought to fuse modern ways of living and showcase VIPP’s high-end kitchen and bathroom elements and accessories. The new L-shaped mezzanine has two bedrooms, each with 4.5 metre-high glass panels facing the atrium.

“You can see from one bedroom to the other and there’s an exchange of natural light. It’s provocative in a way, and an architectural suggestion about flexible modern living where people can control their own levels of privacy,” says Thulstrup.

The Chimney House will become the third outpost of VIPP Hotel, immersive spaces available for short-term stays that show the evolution of the iconic Danish brand. Studio David Thulstrup also designed the VIPP Loftin Islands Brygge in Copenhagen.

Custom design details:

A custom-developed cast terrazzo floorties together all the ground floor spaces and continues out to a new terrace reached through large sliding glass doors. Large slabs of the warm grey terrazzo line the bathrooms.

At the ground floor entrance a new volume with inset custom metal doors houses the bathroom and a wardrobe. Custom details include bespoke metal handles.

Three 5 metre-long pendant lamps made from stacked Perspex discs were specially designed to hang from the exposed pitched roof. They are suspended above a dining table of birch burl veneercustom designed by SDT. Other custom pieces are a high-gloss coffee table, brushed aluminium sideboard, bedheads and plinth.

New external landscaping by Yards Landscape, including a low maintenance evergreen garden of grasses and pines, encloses the terraced outdoor dining area. SDT designed outdoor lighting to celebrate the chimney height, providing a landmark for the local area.

Vipp Chimney House - check into a historic landmark

Vipp as Kitchen manufacturer

Initially built as a water pumping station with a towering chimney in 1902, this heritage building is reborn from ruins by Danish architect, Studio David Thulstrup. While retaining the charm of the architectural shell, the original, industrial space has been extended with a cutting-edge, modern overlay and equipped with Vipp products and curated art pieces.

Two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large open plan kitchen, dining and living space occupy the 200 m2 space.

Kasper Egelund, CEO and 3rd generation VIPP owner:
“The Vipp Hotel is our take on haute-couture in the design business. But instead of being unattainable spaces, you can actually check-in.”

Why not explore your culinary skills in the fully-equipped Vipp kitchen? Our ambition with the Vipp Hotel is to have a palette of destinations with rooms curated to people who seek a one-off design experience, or customers who want to try to live with the Vipp kitchen in a home-away-from-home setting. A Vipp kitchen is for life, but you can start with just a weekend.

The guest bedroom features integrated wood cabinetry and 4.5 m high frameless glass panels. Two bedrooms situated on the first floor feature large glass panels and overlook the atrium. The master bedroom is connected to a walk-in closet. The master bedroom gives access to a small balcony from where the morning sun can be enjoyed. Lush curtains matching downstairs can be pulled across glass wall for privacy.

David Thulstrup, architect and founder of Studio David Thulstrup.
"I wanted to add the personality, comfort and aesthetics of a private residence. I wanted people to feel at home.”

Arch doors in steel-framed glass, custom terrazzo flooring, a modern steel staircase and open access to a private terrace are some of the architectural highlights of the Vipp Chimney House. Ceiling height amounts to 8.5 m in the atrium with skylight view to the old chimney.


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