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Vipp kitchen

by Vipp
  • modular
  • three powder-coated colour variants
  • highly engineered details



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Vipp kitchen

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Island kitchens, Stainless steel kitchens and Compact kitchens


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  • modular
  • three powder-coated colour variants
  • highly engineered details

A Vipp kitchen is a modular concept. We think of it as building blocks. There are four types of modules; island, island with seating, wall and tall modules. Each module can be built with predefined units of your choice. Browse our modules below and visit your nearest Vipp kitchen store to start the dialogue.

The Vipp island module gives you versatile options for open-plan cooking. You can have 3-10 units on each side. The island module also comes in a bar-seating version.

Choose the Island w. seating module to make room for curious cooking company. This seating module provides an extra work station or legroom for a meal at the counter.

A classic solution for every kitchen configuration, the Vipp wall module can be made up of 1-10 units.

Add maximum storage space and functionality to your kitchen with the tall module. Build your tall module with 1-10 units.

The Vipp kitchen is available in three powder-coated colour variants, all equipped with a stainless steel work top. Opt for the original black colour design to get a sleek, industrial look or soften it up with a delicate light grey version. For a clean and brighter expression, settle on a classic white alternative.

Since 1939, every new Vipp product has been born from the same dream; to manufacture long-lasting tools for everyday life. Our kitchen is no different. Envisioned to be used every day for a lifetime, our kitchen is stripped of fading trends and filled with carefully considered and highly engineered details. It's straightforward. No compromise with materials, no fuss. Just function.

Inspired by furniture, the Vipp kitchen is raised on legs, adding extra functionality with easy access to cleaning. Set screws in stainless steel let you adapt the kitchen to uneven floors.

With a height that corresponds the tall Vipp kitchen modules, the tall rack adds a light touch to kitchen-side storage. Choose a stand-alone low or tall rack and add matching low or tall extension units for endless modularity.

The free-hanging Vipp cooking hood brings effective ventilation to your kitchen and is adapted for both recirculation or duct. It features an embossed, powder-coated aluminium surface and details in stainless steel. Choose between a ceiling or wall mounted version.

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