Coahuila 59

Coahuila 59

Contexto Arquitectos
Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico
Project Year
Luis Gordoa
Product Spec Sheet

MDF – Acentos Colletion_VisónMasisa
Cancel bath - DFW42*100, Porcelain - Tucson negroCASTEL
Deck - DarkbrownEverdeck
Wall luminaire - SW50 L-5186, Ceiling lamps - Criket L-7005-110MAGG
Island Hoods - Teka DJE70Teka Group

Product Spec Sheet
MDF – Acentos Colletion_Visón
by Masisa
Cancel bath - DFW42*100, Porcelain - Tucson negro
Deck - Darkbrown
Wall luminaire - SW50 L-5186, Ceiling lamps - Criket L-7005-110
Island Hoods - Teka DJE70

Coahuila 59

Contexto Arquitectos as Architects

Coahuila 59 is a real state development located in the heart of Mexico City, in one of the city's most iconic places. The “Colonia Roma“is a multifaceted neighborhood, a place with a unique cultural heritage.


Coahuila 59 is a 6-level building, with 28 departments, offering 5 types of departments; covering a wide range of architectural options.


The development is divided into 3 towers, using natural lighting spaces. The towers are joined by bridges; that create a free and attractive view.


The project was built with noble materials such as steel, wood and concrete, together create the perfect and cozy atmosphere, in addition this materials have little maintenance and are timeless.


The principal facade is composed by a concrete frame, with railings of wood and steel, and final touch of planters, making the whole a visual and architectural delight for the street.


The great location of the building offers excellent views of the city skyline from the rooftop, which are enjoyed at any time of the day and that without a doubt; gives the user the perfect place to achieve valuable moments.


Coahuila 59, is a development that offers a product with the best architectural design; rich in details and a thorough manufacturing, a building with unique personality.


Material Used :
1. Castel - Cancel bath - DFW42*100
2. Castel –Porcelain - Tucson negro
3. Natura Pisos y Home - wooden floor - Crans - Grace
4. Magg - Wall luminaire - SW50 L-5186
5. Magg - Ceiling lamps - Criket L-7005-110
6. Everdeck – Deck -  Darkbrown
7. Masisa – MDF – Acentos Colletion_Visón
8. Tabimax – Brick – 23x12x15cm
9. Teka - Island Hoods - Teka DJE70

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