Coast shadow

Coast shadow

Cultural Centres
Pohang, South Korea

Coast Shadow

The ground studio for architecture as Architects

I think that architecture makes a potential boundary between human and nature.

A wave of beautiful coastline and the waves are interpreted as an architectural form. The Shadow on the beach under the warm light of the experience back to the experience is perceived.

Possibilities open to the public toilet space with nature here, the theme of the cultural and artistic events will occur naturally. So, Blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior space could be.

The man, woman and the disabled, each toilet room, the volumes are divided and connected simultaneously. The upper part of each Space opened to the sky, bright and offers a comfortable space. Waves and seaside terrain that shapes the volume is going to float gently to the vertical columns, Vertical column Fountain and a cylindrical shape-bench include providing convenience to people.

Montebar Villa
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Montebar Villa

Private Houses
Medeglia, Switzerland - Build completed in 2015
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