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Ziemek Kiwer as Architects

The facade reflectsvagueness between what is true and fake. Interpolation between these two words, uncertainty what is real and what is an illusion, breaks conventional perception of things and introduces a fresh element in everyday routine. The design is meant to be inspirational for the workers, clients and passing traffic.

The picture relates also to the agricultural character of the Netherlands and a close relationship between the citizens and a nature. Timber architecture and structures are strongly visible in the landscapes and so they became landmarks along with the Dutch windmills. Roermond itself is encircled by a green belt, the Meinweg National Park, the valley of the Leu, the Swalm, Roer and Meuse rivers, which provide opportunities for recreation. The picture of a barn in the industrial area connects the two different landscapes.

The divisions of Alupanels are set out in a dynamic way to resemble perspective effect of the image. They are big in the middle and get smaller the further they are from the facade center. At the same time the multiple sizes depicts possibilities of sheet formats and various design arrangements.

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