Euramax competition shortlist

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Project • By Ana Rita RamosFactories


Despite our strong desire to travel and discover new countries, we never went to Netherlands. But it’s impossible not to create a fantasy about everything we could live and see in this magical place. Colorful houses, tulips, windmills and bicycles, along with our joy to finally see it in front of us. Although we’re seat in from oh the computer in this exact moment, we can feel the sensation of breathing such a beautiful city. Sounds like a cliché, but... dreaming takes us to every corner of the world! And no doubt that one of the roads would lead us to the Netherlands. For the accomplishment of our proposal, we went through several projetual phases.In order to have a broader picture, before we could think about a concept or even start... More

Project • By Alberto Iannucci and Alessio CancellieriFactories


Our project aims to simulate a 3D optical illusion facade, through a regular panels facade. Technology potential offered by the Aludesign panels is clearly to be able to generate hyperreal images,simulacra of real images of any type, shape and size. In our project, the factory facade must, however, express product potential in terms of color gradation andprecision of printing. Our project generates the surreal illusion of a complex geometry in the same regulartexture of the panels, which instead is constructed in a simple and regular way, without any constructionalcomplexity. In this way we can stimulate the interest and creativity of architects and designers to use theproduct, not only to generate simulacra of reality , but also to b... More

Project • By Ziemek KiwerFactories


The facade reflectsvagueness between what is true and fake. Interpolation between these two words, uncertainty what is real and what is an illusion, breaks conventional perception of things and introduces a fresh element in everyday routine. The design is meant to be inspirational for the workers, clients and passing traffic. The picture relates also to the agricultural character of the Netherlands and a close relationship between the citizens and a nature. Timber architecture and structures are strongly visible in the landscapes and so they became landmarks along with the Dutch windmills. Roermond itself is encircled by a green belt, the Meinweg National Park, the valley of the Leu, the Swalm, Roer and Meuse rivers, which provide oppor... More

Project • By Richie MARUDAI ARCHITECTFactories

Euramax competition entry

My idea was to translate the factory philosophy on this wall. Euramax deals with project around the world, so as to have a simple and direct design impact, I have chosen to show it’s latest technology on this wall and with a perspective effect show the interior of the factory. This machine represent also all the women and man who works behind these world so as to make a colored world with these pre coated metals colors. More

Project • By ME-SHFactories


By using a trace of the existing factory facade, this new design distorts and shifts the elevation into a new, yet familiar, building. The active pattern gives the 2d facade a 3d effect of multiple layered surfaces in various spatial dimensions. What was once ordinary and mundane becomes slyly dynamic. More

Project • By Nikola Malinov & Dimiter OvtcharovSculptures

Nikola Malinov & Dimiter Ovtcharov's Facade

Our design proposal suggests a surreal inside look into the Euramax factory. The image we have created invents a fantasy space inside the building, where a magical coating machine tells the story of the invention of the printing process. Although provoking the geometry of the existing building, the image is intended to perform as a statement rather than an optical illusion. We believe that recreating the manufacturing process through a surreal, magical painting mounted on the front façade of the building, would represent the company’s integrity, creativity and innovation. Narrating the story of the invention of the printing process through a magical coating machine symbolizes company’s social role and ambitions. Beginning its story f... More

Project • By Francis McCloskeyFactories

Cut, Paste | Analogue

These two entries start with a similar idea: Reproduction pulls together both of these entries by seeking to defamiliarize the existing building through operations that disrupt, and render the building as mere 2d surface in dialogue with a real 3d building. By dividing the elevation of the building into two parts: the building and the image, production enters into dialogue with reproduction. This dichotomy introduces print technology as a counterpart to building technology, while drawing out a conversation in regard to their appli- cations and relevance. How does a printed signified building differ from an actual building? This collapse of 3D space and time flattens our perception of the building to a picture; forever immortali... More

Project • By Team Milky WayFactories

Boomdroom (Dreaming Tree)

Team Milky Way designed the Boomdroom mural specifically for the 200-square feet Euromax factory wall to demonstrate the unlimited possibilities of the new facade technology Aludesign. Boomdroom is an image where dreams and fantasies are mixed to become a new reality. Boomdroom will come alive beyond the wall it occupies and will start to trigger your imagination wherever you go. Here anything is possible, everything you wish for and anything you can imagine. In Boomdroom Team Milky Way plays with different scales of the illustration to allow infinite interpretations of the wall depending on the distance one is perceiving it. The big scale consists of two photo-realistic magnolia trees with blooming flowers. One of the first tree s... More

Project • By Hegge IDFactories

Relimit your imagination

Freedom of design gives you the space for an open mindset, as far as youcan think global, and even think and look further in the universe.We translated an unlimited fantasy to an impressive imagination.As a result, surrealistic thoughts and ideas become realistic.Our creation shows a visualisation of a part of Euramax’ contemporaryapproach, wide spread in a large range of markets, and it shows that forEuramax every challenge can be an opportunity for the future. The famous “Dutch Open Clouds” of the history, inspired in the past a lot offamous realistic painters and artists.In our creation, the clouds in the background radiate a feeling of cominghome and feeling good.Historic icons clouds meets the new digital coating technology.The endr... More

Project • By COOP pe StradaSculptures

COOP pe Strada's Facade

Using the possibilities of the unique AluDesign technology offered by Euromax our concept was to create a “harmonic” but powerful commercial façade, without using any words or advertising texts. Our main purpose was to suggest the freedom of choosing between possibilities and to encourage people to look for a new, more colorful and unique technique of making their house façades more personalized, creating a new dimension of building environment. All used elements are inspired of Netherlands’ culture and environment. We wanted to highlight the origin of Euromax, that environment, where this unique technology was born. Starting from the particular feature of the façade – a long window which divides powerfully the façade platform – we t... More

Project • By Studio Shaumyika SharmaFactories


We wanted to celebrate the primary material used on this façade-aluminium-and depict, using simulation, how this material comes to be. In consultation with a Chemical Engineer (MESH Process Simulations), we determined the sequence of the production of aluminium and discovered the processes that were most visually striking. Focusing in on the colours and textures of each stage of production, the processes were simulated using everyday domestic materials such as coffee, milk, paint and even aluminium foil itself. Roughly eight states found in the process of converting bauxite to aluminium are depicted in rows on the facade starting from the bottom and are as follows; bauxite rock crushed bauxite liquor crystals alumina powder molt... More

Project • By Black BeetleFactories


The idea behind Cloud is an abstraction of the vast sky landscape. The artwork offers a mulit-layeredexperience investigating the relationship of how shapes/ planes interact within a space. The abstractedgeometry is a study in the ever-changing conditions of the sky. Simple geometry principles explore the relationship of point, line and the properties of planes inparticular their surfaces. It also takes into consideration the planes consequences of how they arecomposed /placed in a space adjacent curved or straight edges. The image breaks down the boundaries of realism into abstraction, leaving space between planesempty, allowing the viewer to contemplate and define the composition of negative and positive spaces. Cloud employs ton... More

Project • By Elena López OterinoFactories

Euramax competition entry

Netherland is a famous country for its numerous canals, in which we can see curvednatural forms mixed with straight man-made ones. This was an important fact that Iwanted to show in the factory, for I chose a picture of the surroundings plan. The location is particularly interesting: first the amount number of rivers, canals andlakes with those beautiful forms emphasized by the curved roads that go across them.Secondly the proximity of the two borders, the Belgian and the German, whichintroduce again the artificial shapes. I wanted to use the orange color, besides it is the Netherland color, because it isintense, warm and provides vitality and dynamism to this industrial zone. More

Project • By Zuzanna KownackaSculptures

Zuzanna Kownacka's Facade

My main goal in this project was to create an image that would be strongly connected to both Euromax Aludesign brand and cultural character of the dutch architectural context. The Euromax logo with its shades of blue reminded me of antique dutch ceramic tiles. To showcase the possibilities that this product offers I have decided on more playful design approach and started playing with scale, form and details of tiles. Trying to achieve a modular, classic yet contemporary proposal. Then I took most popular things we think we know about Netherlands (such as tulips, bikes and clogs) and turn them into contemporary graphics mixing them together with the logo of the company. The scale of the design allows it to be interesting from... More