Concrete Restaurant

Concrete Restaurant

Boozhgan Studio
Lavasan, Tehran Province, Iran | View Map
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Ali Daghigh – Deed Studio

Concrete Restaurant

Boozhgan Studio as Architects

Lavasan is a little town located in Tehran countryside, which gradually in a recent decade becomes home or weekend destination for capital residents, who are escaping from the capital's air pollution and urban traffic. However public spaces including shopping and recreational centers, restaurants and, parks haven’t been developed appropriately. Concrete is an experiment of creating a qualified presence in such a context. As a 500m² restaurant, Concrete is trying to be more inviting and tempting space beside its function.

Located at the intersection of the main Lavasan boulevard with a byway, at the design stage, the volume was rotated 45 degrees accordingly, and the entrance became more distinct and visible by raising the volume's end corner.

Concrete is an effort for eliminating the structure and architecture borders, therefore exposed structural, and mechanical elements were used, regarding the limited budget, expensive and redundant materials were excluded in the design process. Making such decisions is complicated, some issues such as limited budget and lack of technological experiences in our country made the process more difficult for us. Although the project is not completely flawless in the construction, the conclusion illustrated our idea well enough.

This project is designed in three levels. The first basement is assigned to servicing activities such as kitchen, staff room, and restroom. Ground floor and the mezzanine are the main salons. We have tried to design the circulation path as a unique space which not only plays a key role in connecting the main parts together but also creates a unique experience for the users.

In other words, Concrete tries to encourage users to explore its architecture to become a memorable experience.

Material: Concrete

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