Creche The Squirrels

Creche The Squirrels

Goffart Polomé Architectes
Charleroi, Belgium | View Map
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Marie-Noelle Dailly

Creche The Squirrels

Goffart Polomé Architectes as Architects

This architecture takes advantage of its wooden surroundings by orienting rooms to this magical context. The building extends on one floor, housed under a large and unique overhanging roof. Due to its radical form, the covering becomes the hook to the imaginary but also to natural and built surroundings. By working with the street’s longitudinality, the opened and rational plan organizes functions into two crossable zones : the facilities and administrative area is located along the street while areas dedicated to children offer perspectives over the wooden hill, each of these separations having a covered exterior circulation. The main distributive corridor is sequenced by spatial dilatations whose entrances are pointed by a larger amount of natural light.


The shape of the roof and its punctual variations qualify interior spaces by differentiating atmospheres with different volumetric iterations. Lowest areas house functions requiring intimacy and protection while tallest spaces accommodate living places and the main corridor.


The ground is processed in order to unify indoor and outdoor areas by a chromatic continuity of its red-orange coating. White walls refer to lightness and transparency. Finally, the timber frame left visible spreads out like a drip line creating spatial dilatations and visual sequences.

Project Credits
Product Spec Sheet

LinoleumForbo Flooring Systems
POROTHERM BRIQUE ORDINAIRE red (perforated) 188x88x63mm – WallsWienerberger
LVL wood panel – RoofKerto
ManufacturersMetsä Wood
Product Spec Sheet
POROTHERM BRIQUE ORDINAIRE red (perforated) 188x88x63mm – Walls
LVL wood panel – Roof
by Kerto
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