Dallas City Block Competition

Dallas City Block Competition

SLAB Architecture, PLLC
Dallas, United States
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Dallas City Block Competition

SLAB Architecture, PLLC as Architects

The World’s populations continue to migrate towards cities. In the case of our country, people areagain returning downtown to live and to work. To make our future cities healthy and livable, it is imperative that urban development embrace sustainable design strategies and adopt necessary guidelines and regulations. The city block-- the basic DNA of urban planning--provides the appropriatescale for intervening and speculating on the future well-being of our cities.Sustainability, in its broadest definition, includes a range of issues from environmental technologies,lifestyles, community integration, to education and economics. Our project aims to address these essential issues and illustrate through a design proposition that sustainability can be a catalyst for bothchange and innovation.

Among sustainability’s multi-faceted opportunities, the GROW-your-BLOCK project believes thatactive participation is essential for a visionary sustainable development. Engagement not only promotes enthusiasm, but also supports hands-on education and experimentation.

With education and participation at the forefront, this project is organized around two key programmatic elements: The first is a ‘Wellness Loop’ which provides an experiential narrative on the topic of‘Wellness’ (Mind, Body, Nourishment, Nature, and Play).

The second, an ‘Arable Land Loop’, expands on the cooperative community garden model and createsa functioning arable farm within the block. Both loops twist through the complex, continually enticing residents and visitors

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