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De Capoc

Idin Architects Co., Ltd. as Architects, Interior Architect

Lying on the enormous slope land in the midst of the mountain ranges, De Capoc project is a resort located in Khaokho District where is massively famous for retreating area and being one of the best places to view the sea of mist in Thailand. Being surrounded by abundant trees and mountains, the project site is extremely full of nature. Therefore, the main concept of the project is to maximize the guests’ connection with the context.


In order to achieve that, all design processes from factors as planning building settings to selecting materials must collaborate together. The project’s layout is designed to scatter each function due to hierarchy in seeing view. First of all, the designer locates lobby at the lowest part of the land where barely sees the views then the path slowly leading guests up to the main facility areas, including all-day dining and swimming pools, where are the most beautiful points; during the way up, the spectacular scenario is gradually revealed to guests. At the top of the land stands the guestroom building. Every room is rotated forty five degree from building’s axis for maximizing the view. This also creates privacy and entrance tree court for each room. Similarly, the idea of opening court applies to the villas as well; there is an outdoor shower space at the center of the villa allowing guests to feel the famous mist in rainy and winter seasons. The villas are intentionally arranged following the natural contour level. In addition, guests can experience relaxed sitting and laying on the net, in front of the villas, as its name, De Capoc, a spanish word meaning a fibrous substance of the ceiba tree.


To add more characteristics of Kho trees which are the origin of the area name, Khaokho meaning the mountains with full of Kho trees, the pattern of diagonal lines in the tree’s leaf is taken to design several parts in the resort. For the material issues, the color which is painted throughout the project is first mixed with the soil remaining from the underground construction. Its extraordinary orange-red color along with the pine wood harmoniously blend all buildings with the surrounding nature.


Material Used :
1. Glass sheet
2. Steel
3. Local red soil and cement used as the finishing material
4. Vinyl wood flooring

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