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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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CUBE Architecten as Architects

Amsterdam gets a new piece of bustling city at one of the most beautiful spots on the IJ, De Overkant. This project involves the redevelopment of the 30,000 premises of the former Stork factory in Amsterdam North. At the end of 2009 CUBE architecten and SOLUZ have won the architects selection with their sketch design. Since then we were commissioned by Eigen Haard and involved in the process and the realization of the project.

The aim is to realize an industrial location with a high character, in which different creative companies, restaurants, events, and culture will find their place over the next 15 years.

The prime location on the IJ has a rich history of port and industry. The raw industrial character will be used as identity for the new features.

Minimum investments have to have a maximum impact. We made a smart match between the needs of different new users and the available properties and qualities of the different areas. We also redesigned the routing and organization of the complex. The focus will be on some special features that are important for the new use of the building.

In the big industrial central Kromhouthal a 2-layer volume will be added. The large central staircase on the head of the volume will play a central role in the new design and function as stage. The volume houses two layers of creative work spaces and ensure that the openness and public accessibility of the hall is maintained.

The concept for the facades is to keep de existing characteristics and nuances as much as possible. New interventions will be incidental and recognizable. The new additional openings emphasize the important places and important visual and or physical relationships between inside and outside.

Because of the complexity of the assignment, the process is one of the biggest challenges. A very intense and thought process is necessary. Good coordination, cooperation and trust between the various parties are crucial.

In the near future this region will be a sustainable and social addition to one of the socially poor areas in Amsterdam North. In the long term vision, this area has the potential to become, while retaining several elements, a valuable and unique, residential mixed-use area.

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