deformed stairs

deformed stairs

Agatsuma District, Japan
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Ryoma Suzuki

deformed stairs

TYRANT Co.,Ltd. as Architects

The staircase of “Village,” which is built on a slope, is designed not only as a structure that connects two floors with different elevations, but also as something architecturally or spatially important. In this exhibition, in order to add new value to this staircase, Matsuba has daringly aimed to create a structure that causes a strange feeling when going up or down the staircase. The architect covered the 24-step staircase (that has a tread of 300 mm and a rise of 130 mm) with plywood and created a delicately warped staircase by slightly changing the inclination of each tread and the height of each rise. The uniform rhythm of steps normally felt is disturbed by the warps, causing users to have a strange feeling when going up or down the staircase. As they go up or down the stairs, they experience the delicacies of the body’s senses, which respond to even the slightest warps.

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