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Salvatore Gulino

DG House

Vid'A gruppo visioni d'architettura as Architects

The project is the result of the restoration of an old country house in the Sicilian countryside and a new addiction. The existing house was about 100 square meters built in the early 1900s. The L-shaped building consisted of an old volume and a more recent part of about 30 square meters that was decided to demolish. The building was made with irregular masonry covered with cement mortar.


According to the shape of the terrain, sloping towards north-east, it was decided to create, as expansion of the original building, an L-shaped part with a flat roof lower than the previous one. To the north east of the original part there was a wall that use to generate a closed garden, it was decided to extend this wall to join the L-shaped extension; these changes have generated a courtyard on different levels that contributes to give compactness to the architectural system and it generate intimate spatiality where the elements of the landscape are "selected".


In the south-eastern part a pergola was made with a light metallic structure attached to the new building.


In the existing building it was decided to remove the cement plaster and bring back the original masonry façade made of shapeless stone.


To remark the difference between the existing part and the enlargement, the style of the new addiction shows a purist language with a system of volumes that aim at the essentiality of the form and a design attitude that is linked to the Mediterranean architecture.


Regarding the distribution, it was decided to put the sleeping area in the existing building, it has been planned with two rooms on the ground floor and two more in first floor. The extension was used for the living room and kitchen.


Taking into account the orientation and the panoramic nature of the site, large windows in the living area will generate transparencies that put the building in direct contact with the splendid sea of Africa.

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