Diamond House

Diamond House

Masao Yahagi Architects
Sano, Japan
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Koichi Torimura

Diamond House

Masao Yahagi Architects as Architects

The music studio was requested in this house because the client is a well-known musician. The studio considers the acoustic quality by planningnon-parallel walls (pentagon) of the reinforced concrete construction. Each wooden room was arranged in surroundings of the music studio. This has two effects. The first is to have life with a focus on the music, the other is soundproofing to the neighbor.Each room has courtyard that slightly connected with the outside. As a result, all rooms face outside and obtain the daylight and breeze through the one of the courtyards. On the other hand, it protects privacy from the outside. This house has a sort of elements such as the studio of reinforced concrete construction, each wooden room, courtyards, and rambling activity.Those elements are dramatizing of various life scenes.

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China Central Television (CCTV) Headquarters
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China Central Television (CCTV) Headquarters

Beijing, China - Build completed in 2012
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